A Tàth Meànma is a "Wiccan mind meld" where two witches enter into each other's mind.

Tàth Meànma DivagnthEdit

The use of someone's power to render his/her magickal attack harmless.

Tàth Meànma BrachEdit

A "Wiccan mind meld" at a much high, deeper level. Two witches exchange knowledge and experience between one another. Both witches gain whatever knowledge, memories, etc. from the each other. It is usually done in the following steps:

  • There must be fasting. No food nor drink for so and so hours.
  • A special tea is fixed to rid of anything within the intestines (think enema).
  • There is a verbal agreement to do the Tàth Meànma Brach between the two witches. (One or more other witches witnesses this agreement and the whole ceremony).
  • A circle of two is formed. A chant starts and both witches go into each other's minds. This is the time when information is exchanged.