Sky Eventide

Vital statistics
Full Name: Sky Eventide
Species: Blood Witch
Clan(s): Wyndenkell
Coven(s): Kithic
Coven Name: Athar
Occupation: Record Store (2-14)

Translater for Medieval Studies Department at the University of Dublin (15)

Family: Beck Eventide- Father

Shelagh Eventide- Mother
Cara Eventide- Sister
Daniel Niall- Uncle
Fiona Niall- Aunt †
Hunter Niall- Cousin
Linden Niall- Cousin †
Alwyn Niall- Cousin
Moira Byrne Niall- First Cousin once removed

Sky Eventide is the cousin of Hunter Niall. Sky is a Blood WitchShe first appears when she accompanies Hunter to Widow's Vale on his investigation of Cal and Selene's suspected use of dark magick.


After coming to Widow's Vale, Sky looks out for her cousin Hunter. She, too, is from England, and her craft name is "Athar", Gaelic for "sky". She leads the Widow's Vale coven "Kithic", which receives Bree and Raven as transfers from "Cirrus" after Bree's altercation with Morgan. Later the two covens combine. Sky is bisexual, and she falls in love with Raven, a classmate of Morgan's and a member of Cirrus and Kithic; the two maintain a tumultuous on-and-off relationship until Killian, Morgans half brother, came by and destroyed their relationship slowly Sky and Raven broke up. Then Sky went to England to visit her family after all, she needed that after what she faced in Widows Vale with Raven. Sky also helps Morgan through her Wiccan education and works at a record store. Sky also comes back in "Night's Child" to help Morgan and Moira to find him again.


Sky is described to have the same white blond hair as Hunter. She has dark eyes, often described as black, and has a tall slender body.


Sky is often described as an intense, reserved and arrogant. But Hunter, who knows her best, describes her as loyal, wise and loving. She is constantly described as protective over Hunter.