Sean Rowlands
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Vital statistics
Full Name: Sean Rowlands
Species: Human
Occupation: Computer Scientist
Family: Mary Grace Rowlands - Wife

Morgan Rowlands - Adoptive Daughter
Mary K Rowlands - Daughter
Eileen Donovan - Sister-in-law
Margaret Donovan - Sister-in-law
Michael - Brother-in-law
Moira Byrne - Adoptive Granddaughter
Colm Byrne - Son-in-law †

Sean Rowlands is the adoptive father of Morgan Rowlands, the biologic father of Mary K Rowlands and the husband of Mary Grace Rowlands. Although he adores his daughter, Morgan, he does not understand his relationship with magic.

Character historyEdit

Early lifeEdit

After her wedding to Mary Grace Donovan, they tried to have a baby, but found they were unable to conceive. So, they adopted a baby girl, Morgan. After the adoption Mary Grace miraculously became pregnant, and gives birth to another girl, Mary Kathleen.