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Origins is the 11th book of the Sweep series. It is told largely from the point of view of Rose MacEwan, an ancestor of Morgan's.

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Origins was first published on May 13, 2002.


Hunter and Morgan read the memoir of Morgan's ancestor, Rose MacEwan, which Hunter acquired while in Canada. Like Morgan Rose is a Woodbane, and she is the first person to have created a dark wave, a powerful piece of dark magick which can destroy entire covens.

Rose lived in 1654 Scotland. It follows her story as she falls in love, has her heart broken, and is betrayed to the witch-hunting villagers. She turns to dark magick as a means of revenge eventually creating the first dark wave, not actually realizing what she is doing at the time. After she discovers the devastation she has wrought, and the Woodbane followers it gained her, she embraces the darkness and goes on to lead a dark coven.

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