Moira Byrne-Niall
Moira Byrne Niall

Vital statistics
Full Name: Moira Byrne
Nicknames: Daisy (By Colm Byrne)
Species: Blood Witch
Clan(s): Woodbane (3/4)

Wyndenkell (1/4)

Coven(s): Belwicket
Occupation: Student (15)
Family: Morgan Rowlands Niall - Mother

Hunter Niall - Father
Colm Byrne- Adoptive Father
Katrina Byrne- Adoptive Grandmother
Pawel Byrne- Adoptive Grandfather †
Sean Rowlands- Adoptive Grandfather
Mary Grace Rowlands- Adoptive Grandmother
Mary K. Rowlands- Adoptive Aunt
Sile MacEwan- Ancestor †
Rose MacEwan- Ancestor †
Morwen Riordan- Great Great Grandmother †
Mackenna Riordan- Great Grandmother†
Eloise MacEwan- Great-Grandmother †
Maeve Riordan - Grandmother †
Ciaran MacEwan - Grandfather †
Kyle MacEwan- Uncle
Iona MacEwan- Aunt †
Killian MacEwan - Uncle
Daniel Niall - Grandfather
Fiona Niall - Grandmother †
Cal Blaire - Uncle †
Linden Niall- Uncle †
Alwyn Niall- Aunt
Sky Eventide- First Cousin once removed

Moira Byrne-Niall is powerful Blood Witch and is the daughter of Hunter Niall and Morgan Rowlands. She is in a relationship with Ian Delaney

Early LifeEdit

Moira was born December 15, 2006, and lives in Cobh, Ireland. Moira has a bucolic life as a born and raised Blood Witch. She had the perfect family life until her adoptive father died 6 months prior to the beginning of Night's Child.


Moira is the daughter of Morgan and Hunter and is introduced in Night's Child. She is 15 years of age., (presumably 16 around the epilogue). Her adoptive father is Colm Byrne, who died in a car accident. Like Morgan, she is a powerful witch, and her birth was destined. In Dark Magick she is shown in Morgan's Vision of her Belwicket Tools be handed down from Maeve to Morgan, and Morgan to Moira. In Night's Child She sets off with Morgan and Sky to find Hunter. She helped fight off the Dark Wave. She also gave Hunter and Morgan her blessing on their wedding.


Moira takes after Hunter's looks. She is said to be a very beautiful girl. She has long strawberry blond hair, and hazel eyes, that are more green than brown. She is tall and has a slender body, and her face is lightly dusted with freckles.  


Moira is stubborn, tenacious, holds a very dry sense of humor, and is very intelligent. Its said by Morgan that she holds too much inside, A trait which she received from her father. Moira also showed that she has her mother's fiery temper and, like Hunter, Moira can be very, serious, solemn, and focused.