Maeve Riordan
Vital statistics
Full Name: Maeve Riordan
Species: Blood Witch
Clan(s): Woodbane
Coven(s): Belwicket
Coven Name: Bradhadair
Occupation: Waitress (Formally)
Family: Angus Bramson- Partner †

Ciaran MacEwan-Mùirn Beatha Dàn†
Morwen Riordan- Grandmother †
Mackennna Riordan- Mother †
Morgan Rowlands Niall- Daughter
Colm Byrne- Son-In-Law †
Hunter Niall- Son-In-Law
Moira Byrne Niall- Granddaughter

Maeve Riordan was born on Imbolic in 1962, In Ballynigel, Ireland. Maeve was the one of only survivors (with Angus Bramson) of Belwicket and the mother of Morgan Rowlands Niall. Maeve and Angus, until Night's Child, were the only known survivors of Belwicket. She gave birth to Morgan and gave her up for adoption when she feared Ciaran would find her. She died 1986 in Meshomah Falls, NY, When Ciaran locked Maeve and Angus up in a farm house and set it on fire. Ciaran later killed any witnesses to the crime, It was left unsolved since.