Ian Delaney
Ian Delaney

Vital statistics
Full Name: Ian Delaney
Species: Blood Witch
Clan(s): Woodbane
Coven(s): Ealltuinn (Formally, Disbanded)


Occupation: Student (15)
Family: Lillith Delaney- Mother

Unnamed Father
Unnamed Siblings
Katrina Byrne- Legal Guardian

Ian Delaney is the son of Lillith Delaney, and Muirn Beatha Dan of Moira Byrne Niall . He is a former member of Ealltuinn

Night's ChildEdit

Ian helped disband a dark wave with Morgan Rowlands Niall , Hunter Niall ,Sky Eventide, and Moira Byrne Niall. He later joined Belwicket after his mother was arrested by The New Charter.