Fiona Niall
Maeve Riordan

Vital statistics
Full Name: Fiona Niall
Nicknames: Fi
Species: Blood Witch
Clan(s): Wyndenkell
Coven(s): Turloch-eigh
Family: Daniel Niall-Husband

Hunter Niall-Son
Linden Niall-Son †
Alwyn Niall-Daughter
Moira Byrne Niall-Granddaughter
Beck Eventide- Brother
Shelagh Eventide- Sister-In-Law
Sky Eventide-Niece
Cara Eventide- Niece

Fiona Niall is the wife of Daniel Niall and the mother of Alwyn, Linden, and Hunter Niall. She scryed and it resulted in her becoming severely ill from seeing the Dark Wave. Fiona fleed with Daniel after warning Beck about the dark wave in attempts to keep her children safe.