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Dark Magick is the 4th book in the Sweep series.

Publication HistoryEdit

Dark Magick was first published on June 25, 2001.


Morgan is unsure of what to do and who to trust at the beginning of the novel. The secret of Hunter may bring Cal and herself together but it is making it harder to trust anyone. Out of guilt, she sends Sky a telepathic witch message telling her where to find her cousin. Later, Morgan finds out that Sky managed to save Hunter based on the message, but she does not believe Morgan sent it.

Strange things soon start happening. When Morgan chooses not to join Selene's coven, she is then dragged down to her and Cal's house and locked in his dark magical room. Selene is after Morgan's tools, but since Morgan bound the tools to herself, Morgan is the only one who can use them. Cal then attempts to "solve" the problem by setting the house Morgan is imprisoned in on fire. Morgan is trapped and seems destined to face the same death as her mother, until Robbie and Bree drive a car through the door, saving her.

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