Daniel Niall
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Vital statistics
Full Name: Daniel Niall
Species: Blood Witch
Clan(s): Woodbane
Coven(s): Turloch-eigh
Coven Name: Maghach
Family: Fiona Niall - Wife †

Selene Belltower - Ex-Wife†
Cal Blaire - Son †
Hunter Niall- Son
Linden Niall - Son †
Alwyn Niall - Daughter
Beck Eventide - Brother-in-law
Shelagh Eventide - Sister-in-law
Sky Eventide - Niece
Morgan Rowlands- Daughter-in-law
Moira Byrne - Granddaughter

Daniel Niall is the father of Hunter Niall, and Cal Blaire.

Early Life:Edit

Daniel was first married to Selene Belltower, Too which they had a son, Cal Blaire. Meanwhile in England he had his lover and future wife, Fiona Niall . Daniel and Fiona the had three kids, Hunter Niall , Linden Niall and Alwyn Niall. He and Fiona later had to go on the run for 11 years from the coven Amyranth. 

During Series:Edit

Daniel was found in Quebec, Canada by Hunter Niall in Seeker. He was using bith dearc to contact his wife in the Neverworld, because of this his health was rapidly deteriorating. Luckily enough Hunter showed his the error of his ways. He returned with Hunter in Widow's Vale. In Eclipse he worked with Morgan and Hunter on a way to fight off the Dark Wave, Which was sent after them by Ciaran MacEwan. He was also Present when Ciaran's magick was stripped. In result of the success of defeating the Drak Wave, Daniel gave lectures and speeches on the success. In Night's Child is was said by Sky that he likes to travel a lot, Possibly over the "death" of Hunter. In the end of Night's Child  it was mentioned that he met his granddaughter, Moira Byrne.