Ciaran MacEwan
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Vital statistics
Full Name: Ciaran MacEwan
Species: Blood Witch
Clan(s): Woodbane
Coven(s): Liathach (Formally)

Amyranth (Formally)

Coven Name: Neimhidh
Occupation: High Priest
Family: Grania MachMuredach - Wife

Greer MachMuredach - Mother-in-law
Eloise MacEwan - Mother
Kyle MacEwan - Son
Iona MacEwan - Daughter
Killian MacEwan - Son
Morgan Rowlands Byrne - Daughter
Moira Byrne Niall - Granddaughter
Hunter Niall- Son-In-Law
Colm Byrne - Son-in-law †
Sile MacEwan - Ancestor †
Rose MacEwan - Ancestor †

Ciaran MacEwan is the biological father of Morgan Rowlands, and the leader of one of the most powerful Woodbane covens, named Amyranth, who perform dark magick. He is known as one of the most dangerous witches in the world, and people are afraid of him. His Wiccan name is Neimhidh, which means both "celestial" and "poisonous".[1]

Ciaran is the mùirn beatha dàn of Maeve Riordan, Morgan's birth mother, and unknowlingly fathered Morgan with her. He later killed Maeve and her lover Angus Bramson when she refused to be with him.

Ciaran once captured Morgan and intended to kill her and steal her powers. One of his coven members found a watch on Morgan that he had given to Maeve as a present. As soon as Morgan had told him that she was Maeve's daughter it was unbearable for him to think that Maeve and Angus had borne a child. He performs tàth meànma on Morgan and discovers that she is in fact his daughter. During the tàth meànma, he witnessed Morgan's birth and her mother saying "You have your father's eyes." when in fact, Maeve's lover, Angus, had blue eyes and Morgan has brown, like Ciaran. In that moment Hunter Niall comes in to save Morgan and Ciaran disappears with Hunter. The other coven members continued with the ritual. Hunter comes in again saved her with the help of Ciaran.

The next time Morgan saw Ciaran was in Widow's Vale they both shape-shifted into wolves. She had put a watch signal on him to track him. After a while he contacted Morgan through a vision and said he would go to Widow's Vale to meet her once again. When Ciaran went to Widow's Vale he asked Morgan to join forces with him but she always declined, until she called him and the night that she called him he was stripped of his powers.


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