The Seven Great Clans of Wicca are seven legendary witch covens--Brightendale, Burnhide, Leapvaughn, Rowanwand, Vikroth, Woodbane, and Wyndenkell--from whom all blood witches descend.

After several centuries of practicing magick independently, the Clans unite to form a single domain of witchcraft. However, a war soon erupts between the Clans which lasts for over a thousand years. Around the era of the Burning Times, a mysterious cataclysm kills 95% of the witches. The surviving members of the Clans fell into a Dark Age, in which they continued their lineage by marrying other Clan members or humans.

In modern times, one's Clan lineage is almost entirely meaningless, though many still distrust Woodbanes. For their part, many Woodbanes earn this distrust by practicing dark magick and attempting to gain dominance over the rest of the Clans. However, there are also many Woodbanes who use their power only for good.

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