Bree Warren
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Vital statistics
Full Name: Bree Warren
Species: Human
Coven(s): Cirrus (Previously)


Occupation: Student
Family: Father (unknown name)

Mother (unknown name)
Brother (unknown name)

Bree Warren is the best friend of Morgan Rowlands Byrne and best friend and ex-girlfriend of Robbie Gurevitch ( By Night's Child) and might posssibly be married in Night's Child and has 3 children.. She goes to Widow's Vale High School. She started in Cal Blaire's coven, Cirrus, but switched to Kithic with Sky Eventide.

Character HistoryEdit

Bree's parents separated when she was young. It is hinted at that her brother sexually abused her and she had passionate feelings about Sky Eventide but then begins to date robbie.She lives with her father and has no contact with her mother. She has an older brother who is away.

In Night's Child, she is mention by Morgan who was telling the story of how she met Cal, who was mention in her Book of Shadows. Moira knows Bree as Aunty Bree and knows she has three children